• Image of 1,001 Chicago Afternoons chapbooks

Grab the original set of 1,001 Chicago Afternoons chapbooks printed for the 2014 Studs Terkel festival at the University of Chicago!

The chapbooks are:

  • 13 Barrooms: 13 stories of Chicago’s real drinking culture, from old man dives to Trixie dance clubs
  • Creators: Video game strippers, gourmet lingerie, DIY orchestras, comic book journalists and other tales of Chicago's real creators
  • History: A killer down the block, family strife in a museum’s insect collection, a jazz club turned Ace Hardware and more - with an illustration of 1920s murderess Wanda Stopa by Emily Torem!
  • The Homeless: 13 stories of Chicago’s invisible residents
  • Lost Livelihoods: The last typewriter repairman, a gag shop love story, a dead man’s canoe, Bollywood clearance and other tales from missing places
  • Tales of the Good Ones: A purple-haired pinup distributing dreams, a bike coordinated with prosthetic leg, Base Ball players and other people who make it good to be alive
  • Tales of the Jackasses: Teenagers, sports fans, suicides and other stories of people I can’t stand
  • A Year in Chicago: From frozen winter to hot summer and back, with drum circles, bunnies, water bottles and Russian folk dancers along the way